My Little Sweet Pea

Today I joined the Japanese film festival in Auckland. So relax compared with Japanese film festivals in Vietnam, a lot of people and I never got the ticket:)) Somehow can see it was actually the advantage in the country of 4,3 millions people compared with the country having 90 milions of population.

The movie was so nice, as always when I think of Japanese movie. There is full of sadness, love of family and the “foverer thing of the Japanese”: HOPE.

I still cried a lot as normally. However, there was one thing I was quite surprised: the Western guy sat in front of me seemed to be in touch a lot, the same as me. He even cried and tried to hide it behind his glasses.

At that moment, I felt like double touching, the story was on the screen and the fact was happening in front of my eyes. Why in this world do we need to seperate the West and the East, this country that country, when honestly all truly values of human (family, love, happiness, sadness) are exactly the same in the end?


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